[2022.3.7] Fitness and making my leg’s finger strong


Today I went to Monday fitness training that I really like and I got a massage after the training. And practice swinging and checking my form of tennis outside.

What I learned

  • I should train my leg’s finger because that is what makes my whole body/my body, and my toes should me shut the whole time, and I should be able to open them up if I want to, but normally it should be connected.
  • When I do the poo sit, the reason why I can’t do it is because my leg joined not because of my ankle, and I should be stretching my leg joined every day.
  • The reason my leg is facing inside not outside is that I am not using my inside hamstring and I am shut the whole time, and if I keep walking like that I will get hurt easily and I will twist my ankle. So I should be stretching my side hamstring and be able to face my leg outwards when I am walking.
  • When I serve for tennis I need to swing up so I don’t need to bend so much if the power I swing up doesn’t change.
  • I should be able to hit a good backhand when I am getting shaken to the side with an open stance, and I need to train to make my core stronger if I want to hit a hard shot in an open stance.
  • When I do my forehand take back, I need to keep my poster straight because I sometimes lean forward, and end I brushing the ball too much.
  • I want to hit the ball between my shoulder and hip middle part because I let my down too much and brush high too much.
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