[2022.3.9] Academy at Lucent Tennis Club


I hadn’t hit a ball in 3 days and I had a bit of trouble in the beginning, but I realized that my power and my racket head got faster and stronger and most of my 80% power was powerful as my 100% stronger than last time. And even the guy I was rallying said that my ball got faster and it was hard for him to return the ball. I need to know how to control the ball (laugh).

What I learned from the coach

  • I need to step back of the ball and hit the ball at a proper spot not rising.
  • I should step back first and adjust my movement.
  • I should not use drop shot at all because that is what loser does and I shouldn’t get a bad habit.
  • I should get more power from my arm because it is easy for me to control because I can use my wrist.

Good things

  • I watched how my opponent moved and hit at an open court.
  • I swing my backhand like it was a baseball and I was attacking with my backhand because I was swinging.
  • I didn’t use that much slice because I was focusing on my backhand.
  • I did a good defense with my backhand just like I wasn’t and I kept the opponent coming in from the baseline.

Things I have to change

  • When I see a short ball I need to go to that place with a fast sidestep because when I go to that ball by facing forward I end up only hitting cross-court or missing on the net. I can’t hit down the line and I miss so. Stop.
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