[2022.3.2] Academy at Lucent Tennis Club


Today my serve wasn’t working as much as normal but in the end, I had some good serve.
I bring my right arm down a little bit then accelerate up, like Novak, and it was very well. When I do rise for my backhand, I wait at that position then end up missing so I should go forward more.

What I learned from the coach

(These tips are from soft tennis I shouldn’t use these)

  • Make my grip continental then tap the ball and get the ball in.
  • I should use more forehand slices because you can easily control the ball.
  • Make more served a lollipop and tap to get the ball into the court.
  • Swing your racket 50% and get the ball in.
  • Use loop ball and don’t take risks.
  • Hit the ball at the front then your weight will go forward.

Good things

  • I kept going forward and forward and I used many drive volleys I missed a lot, but When I brush down to up I hit a very good shot.
  • I served like Novak Djokovic and I hit a very consistent serve.

Things I am going to do next time

I am going to go forward more when I see a chance ball or a rising shot and not wait to rush and to hit the ball.

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