[2022.3.10] Academy at Lucent Tennis Club


I don’t know why but my energy was crazy and I was swinging my racket 2 times as fast as last time. It is good that I have energy, but I was going crazy with the power… I hit the racket like — and of course, it doesn’t go over the net and I go angry ( today my anger wasn’t that bad though) I need to use a looping ball.

What I learned from the coach

  • Finishing the point is very important, but more importantly, I need to generally get the ball in more to make rallies.
  • The pro’s rally is short because each player’s shot is powerful not because they are inconsistent, I should get wrong with this. And when the pro’s match goes on, each player will start to lose energy and that is why each power goes down and a long rally happens.
  • My serve is powerful and it goes in a lot of time and that is why I should go for volley a lot more, and I need to try drive volley more.

Good things

  • I was hitting the ball fast and it was going like a laser beam.
  • I hit the ball from my hip and I got so much power.
  • I did many counters with my backhand and if I make my racket face up it would be perfect.

Things I have to change

  • I need to hit the ball in 3 times then I can make a move it is the same for rally and match.
  • I could have used a bit more slice then I would have made the opponent not hit the ball at the strike zone.
  • For serve when I try to hit the ball at the racket’s end then it would have been better.
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