[2022.7.10] Practice at the intermediate school club


I was playing pretty well from the beginning, and I had a good forehand and a good backhand, and I played a doubles match with my good friend, he is a big server. I think carried him pretty well, but we ended up losing 0-4 against year 3 and year 1 brother pair. The little brother was at the same level as me but his brother is the captain so he was very good. I did the best I can so I am fine with the result.

What I am gonna do next time

  • I am going to try to use more slices, especially on a court that doesn’t bounce, but in doubles, I shouldn’t because there are people at the net.
  • I am going to relax my hands and focus on my legs, and do little steps to adjust my strike zone.
  • I aim too much and go for winners when I am rushing so relax more when I am rushing and try to calm down.
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