[2022.3.25] Training at NOAH tennis academy


It was 2 hours and I learned I have powered up so much, and I was able to swing my racket more than usual… I used only 80% but I hit a super good shot down the line like William Drain, I couldn’t hit a fire crosscourt I did many frame shots.

3 things I learned today

  • I need more topspin on my backhand because sometimes I hit the ball too flat and it won’t be consistent, so the key thing is my racket is moving up and down, but my top body moving sideways. Then I will be able to hit a perfect backhand cross-court the movement is different for down the line though.
  • I need to use more high lob ball when it is a NO ball because I hit the flat ball when the opponent is at the net and the opponent can easily volley it, I need to lift the ball up and make time for myself and the opponent, I need to put the lob ball deep though if I make the ball short it won’t mean anything.
  • I need to make them hit the 1st volley then try to pass them on 2nd. (Only for singles though not for Doubles.) 1st volley is hard for the opponent because they are coming forward but 2nd they are ready.

3 things I am glad I came here

  • I found out that my power had increased so much that I found my racket very light and the racket’s face moves when I am not trying to move it. So I am going to change my racket weight to 300g.
  • I was able to know how my serve was doing because I didn’t want to forget my serve and gladly it was very good and it was powerful as always.
  • I had a tough time/ fun time doing the plank and everyone was laughing saying ouch, and I think because of the plank warm-up, I was able to focus on my stomach and not use my arm all the time.

Extra from myself

  • I was playing very well except I was hitting the ball too hard for my backhand and it was not consistent at all.
  • I had a very good slap for my forehand and it was very powerful.
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