[2022.3.18] The last day at Lucent Tennis Club


Today is the last day at Lucent Tennis Club, there was everybody except for Monika chan, but it was the day that I will always remember.

It was Waseda coach, and unlike other days we didn’t do hand feeding, and instead, we started off my rally, and then we got straight into the match. I didn’t do any match but we played king of the court and I was able to have a good play with Waseda coach.

What I thought

  • My blister got better so I was able to hit with my normal grip semi-western and I learned something very important is that I don’t focus on myself and I focus on the opponent and the play, not my skill and footwork and all those stuff.
  • I shouldn’t try to think about my arm in tennis, I need to think about my hip because that way I can hit 80% and hit a 100% solid ball, and it is very important for my backhand.
  • I need to get my 2 feet on the ground unless the ball bounce so high or if it is a chance ball because if I have 2 feet on the ground I will be able to use my body easier and I will have a wide stance.
  • I hit the top part of the ball of the service and then the ball went into the court easily.

Good things

  • I knew when to attack and when to get the ball in so it was easy for me to decide and hard for them to play.
  • I was watching their racket movement so I knew what they were gonna do so it was very easy for me to find my position.

What I am going to do for the next session

  • I will keep saying YES, and NO because I then know when to attack and when to defend.
  • Hitting the top part of the ball when I serve then there will be a spin and it was perfect.
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