[2021.12.20] SPARTA


We did the king of the court a lot.

Normally it starts at 1:30 and ends at 3:00 at Scarbro, but today it was a little different. It started at 12 and ended at 1:30 at Campbell park, there is 3 Astro and 3 hard courts. Today I only played at the hardcourt (which is the high side).

Good things

  • I was very consistent, and I was using high ball, so they weren’t able to attack as easy as last time. 
  • I was hitting a good shot to the cross court (It was very useful).
  • My feet were moving I think it was pretty good.
  • I was having fun, even when I miss.
  • I had good slice serve, I made them get off the court.
  • I went to the net play, and I got some points.

Things I have to change

  • Chris coach told me that I have to hit harder shots, because I am hitting a little too soft. 
  • I get pushed sometimes I have to step back.
  • I still stop my backhand follow through when I am scared to miss.
  • I did some double faults, I am getting better at slice serve though.
  • Next time I don’t want to forget my mobile phone.
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