[2021.12.21] Academy


We did a lot of double’s and I disliked it.

I couldn’t agree with what the coach was saying, he is a defensive player, and I am an attacking player. There was a point where the ball came floating into the air, which will land around the service line, and I tried to drive volley it. I ended up hitting a bit to the corner, and I missed. I was happy with what I did. It was a nice try and I’m glad I tried. But the coach on the other hand told me to wait for it to bounce, I couldn’t agree to that. I mean if I let it bounce it would come around the baseline and it will be equal to both teams when I had a chance to win that point. I tried telling that to the coach, but he told me that driving volley was too risky. Even now I don’t regret what I did, cause you should never give up!

Good things

  1. I hit the ball pretty fast, and I had the advantage for most of the points.
  2. I was able to swing through the ball for my backhand I think it is because the surface is carpet and the ball gets low.
  3. I was doing my preparation early.

Things I have to change

  1. Sometimes my ball gets too short. 
  2. I have to call mine or your’s when the ball comes to the middle.
  3. I have to hit at the front, sometimes I get too late.
  4. I should have had more brave felling when I am hitting my backhand.
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