[2022.4.21] Noah Tennis Academy


Today was all Yashima coach and it was only 3 of us. I mean it was six of us but it was just that the other 3 people were too good that we were moved.

What we did today ( it wasn’t really the best day)

  • We did serve for the whole time, and it also did some underarm serve, and I have much training that I want to ask the coach if it means anything, but it is over so I won’t talk about that much.
  • When I did my serve, I normally hit the spin and I always say I want to be able to hit a good slice and that is actually very easy all you have to do is to the tose at 1 pm, and try to slice the 3 pm side of the ball then there will be a very powerful slice and it helps a lot in the wind.
  • Formy backhand I need to open more so that I can finish my follow-through.
  • My coach told me to have fun in tennis, I focus on getting better too much.
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