[2022.4.13] Noah Tennis Academy Wednesday


Today was all Okamoto coach for the whole day, and we did a little bit of service, but most strokes.

What I learned

  • I need to hit as much ball as I can with a close stance because a close stance is the most powerful stance that gives you the power.
  • I need to focus more on hitting the ball at the highest place because in short I always hit the ball at a low place even if I can hit at a high place.
  • I miss a lot of chances of getting a chance ball when I see a short ball try to come close and hit the ball will a rising.
  • I swing my backhand very slow so it doesn’t have any power so make sure to swing my racket fast even if it is the match point to the opponent.
  • I need to do my full swing because if I don’t I will lose against the opponents’ power.
  • I need to swing fast for my forehand, so slow fast.
  • I use forehand slice when there is a short ball, but in tennis, there is actually no short ball it is just that I am slow or my reaction is slow so always prepare fast than usual.
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