[2022.4.12] Tips on how to hit back deep shot’s


I watched this on youtube Carlos Alcaraz was doing the forehand deep shot and this guy was showing us some tips.

What I learned

  1. I need to turn sideways and have a great uni-turn when I go back because many people face forward and end up being late and I don’t have my weight doing forward so when I hit the ball the only way to get my power is by twisting.
  2. I should aim higher over the net when I get back I should go back the more I get back of the baseline, many of the players try to hit hard when they go back, and end up hitting right on the net. If I go back 6 feet back of the baseline I need to hit 6 feet over the net.
  3. I should have a blast from my hip because just like I said in the 1st one I don’t have the energy so I need to twist and blast the ball with the hip.
  4. I should try to hit it deep not putting so much topspin on the ball because if I try to put topspin it will go short so I need to go defense right now on the spot.
  5. I need to keep my shot at the high place and my strike zone height shouldn’t be higher than 90 degrees or else I will lose power and I will most likely do a homerun.

What I am going to think when this situation happens

  • I should think about number 2 because I am one of those types of people, who hits a flat ball from the baseline and I need to focus on knowing yes/no, and when it is a NO ball I need to go defensive.
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