[2022.4.3] Practice with many people. but with different people


Today is totally different from yesterday and that day before. A different people organises it and the court was Astro that was really nice.


  • There was so much wind and the ball was literary curving and it was hard for me to hit so I had no choice but to use lob. I missed so much, and I wasn’t able to play my best.
  • The racket’s string tension was too hard and the racket’s tension and the string’s tension were not so good in combo, so I had some trouble, and a hard time.
  • I tried one-handed backhand and I did a very good passing shot down the line in doubles, and it was lucky but I tried brushing down to up and I had a good feeling and I felt very proud.
  • I could’ve used a few slices when it came to my backhand, I tend to hit every ball with topspin even very low ones so I need to think if I can hit this shot with topspin or not.
  • I need to use my racket down more when I am hitting the volley when I get nervous I tend to push the ball.
  • I need to focus more on my tose when I serve.

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