[2022.3.29] Practice with many people


I played on a hard court and there were 10 people including my dad and me, We mostly played 4 games match and I played many games that I couldn’t even remember. I wasn’t playing so well, but it was 4 hours and I got so tired and my concentration was not there at the end.

Things I learned

  • I shouldn’t hit the first serve I hit fast, I should start slow and then make it fast during the practice.
  • This is just a tip but in proper the most respectful way is to spin your racket on their side and ask them while I am spinning.
  • When I am hitting my 2nd serve I did my tose pretty back like far back and that way I am able to lift the ball up and make the ball up and get the ball into the court.
  • I wasn’t able to hit/slap high chance ball which is my favorite shot in tennis, I tend to wait till the ball goes down, and I think it is because I wait for my racket to go to my knee highest at just normal rally time, so I will focus on hitting the ball at my hip height in stroke too.
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