[2021.12.29] Reviewing the Mt Maunganui tournament.


In total, I did 6 matches. 3 singles and 3 doubles.
Doubles’s results were better than singles, but I had a good time playing in Mt Maunganui.



1st match: I played against Angus Alan Colquhoun on a very good hard court. I lost 3-9.
2nd match: I played against Ryder Wu on an actual concrete tennis court. I won 9-1.
3rd match: I played against Mitchell Hill on an actual concrete tennis court. I lost 8-9.


1st match: We played against Nevin and Yu An. We played on wet Astro and we lost 6-9.
2nd match: We played against Levi and Ryder. We played on wet Astro and we won 9-0.
3rd match: We played against Dan and my dad. We played on the hardcourt and we won 9-8. (7-2)


What did I like about participating in the tournament?

  1. I learned to not relax even when you are winning 3 games ahead because the small mistake you make is gonna change the game so much. I learned that when I played Mitchell. 
  2. I was scared to miss just like Ethan’s match last time, but this time I was able to smash the chance ball. even though in Ethan’s match I gave a moon ball back.
  3. I thought that my serve had good power and great consistency, and I had, but when it came to breakpoints or 15-40 I tend to lollipop or do doubles fault, so I have to practice serve more.
  4. My doubles partner told me that you should always look up at the sky even when you miss, and never regret what you did, and don’t look at the floor.
  5. My friend told me that no matter what kind of bad things you do there is always a good reason. When you steal something the reason is you wanted it. When you cheat on a test the reason is that you wanted to pass that test.

Participating in a tournament will change the routine of early to bed, early rising, and training. Let’s think about the good points and the bad points.

Good point

I was able to sleep well and I was able to be in a good mood when I woke up. I slept quite early when I went to bed.

Not good point

I woke up pretty late, and sometimes I don’t even have time to eat breakfast. I sleep pretty late, maybe because I come back late then watch youtube.

What am I preparing for the next tournament?

  1. I am going to actually find the right partner when I play doubles, and maybe practice the day before the match together.
  2. Next time I am going to do fewer double faults and fewer forehand errors. I am gonna get my backhand as my weapon and gonna push my opponent with my backhand.
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