[2022.2.13] Try out for the Tarumi Green Tennis Club


Tarumi Green Tennis Club is an indoor court and it is outdoor but with a roof over our head. There were 3 people including me, to be honest, I was the best, and I won every match against them. My serve was very well and I didn’t do many double faults, I did mostly all 2nd serve, and sometimes 1st serve.

What I learned

  • I need to use my hip more fast and short, I use it but it is slow so there isn’t much power it is mostly defense if I want to go attack I need to do it quick.
  • I move my jaw too much, I need to keep it blocked, and I will use my abs.
  • When I am serving I need to do my tose a little left I do this funny slice serve.

Good things

  • I swinging hard and I was moving my foot.
  • I used a slice and a deep ball to make the opponent back, and make them on defense mode.
  • I didn’t do much double fault, and that was the difference between them and me

Things I have to change

  • I hit the ball flat when I am getting pushed by the slice so I miss.
  • I need to use more Murray lob and get the ball in.
  • I did a short not good drop shot, and the opponent got a winner out of that.
  • I need to bend my knees more for everything.
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