[2022.2.14] Try out for the Top Run Tennis College


Top Run Tennis Academy is an outdoor court and it was 7 pm to 9 pm so it was very cold and in the end, my hand was freezing because it is dark.

There were 16 people and 1 coach, they were all better than me, there were 3 other year 6 people like me and they played so well, others were all tall girls but 2 boys.

What I learned

  • They ball are fast and deep and heavy and it was hard for me to return, but if I want to hit the ball back nice and deep I have to play tennis with them not myself, and I have to look at them.
  • I need to go forward as much as I can when there is a approach shot or lob ball like try doing approach shot.
  • I need use more drive volley when there is smash.

Good things

  • I swinging the ball up and from my shoulder, I was able to hit Nadal ball that had topspin.
  • I had a good volley, and I was hitting on angle.
  • I had a consistent 2nd serve and a 1st serve in the beginning it was slow but it got very fast, and I didn’t do much net.

Things I have to change

  • I want to hit the ball deep when I am returning the ball and the other year 6 people were better than me because they can do change of pace.
  • Year 6 people uses lob to my backhand and I had so much tough time.
  • I need to get my 2nd serve consistent to their backhand.
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