[2022.6.16] Noah Tennis Academy


How was today? What was it like?

It is Thursday and it was the same as the other Thursday, we did hand-feeding ball, then in the end I and Konosuke did a match in the end. I don’t know why but I think my body was a bit heavy and my feet were NOT moving at all I don’t know why, my backhand was only lob, and my forehand was ok. I need to hit my backhand with my shoulder turning. I am starting to be able to hit my forehand close to my body.

What piece of advice did your coach give you?

It was very weak, when I try to hit flat it is very hard, and I end up hitting straight into the net. I try to go forward, but then I do foot fault, I want to boost out my shoulder for every shot I hit.

To improve from now on what are you going to think when you are playing tennis.

I want to hit my backhand flatter, and I will try to hit I serve powerful and when the opponent comes at the net I will not do any lobs from now on I always do lob, the thing is that it is hard more me to hit a passing shot because I can’t hit a fast serve.

Score for today

The concentration ratio of serve practice:1/5
Power to shake the racket:1/5
Probability of the ball courting in:5/5

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