[2022.5.26] Noah Tennis Academy


How was today? What was it like?

Today I hit a lot of balls we were mostly hitting all the time, in the beginning, we did a couple of serves. It was short tennis then long tennis, then cross rally and death time with the coach and in the end, we did a few point practice, the time goes fast so quickly when I am playing tennis.

What piece of advice did your coach give you?

  • Have a wider stance when I am getting back to the center or a position.
  • Try to go for more netplay.
  • Focus on the front and move forward more.
  • Don’t wait for the ball to go down
  • The more the pace goes faster the faster you have to do your take back fast.

Score for today

The concentration ratio of serve practice:4/5
Power to shake the racket:4/5
Probability of the ball courting in:4/5

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