[2021.12.10] Hitting with Audrey, after club night

Blockhouse Bay Tennis Club Academy/Squad

To start off, I and Audrey did a 6 game match. I won 6-3.

I think it was a very good match because I only 1 double fault.

My intensity was so high, I was moving my leg and jumping all time.

As you know Audrey loves hitting to the corner, and she was shaking me around like I was a little rat, but that didn’t stop me from winning the match/point. I kept running and chasing all the balls.

Next time I think it would be better if I:

When I am returning Audrey’s services and they were a deep and fast service on my backhand, I tend to tap it and make it float, but I want to make a shape on the ball and hit it deep. These things happen cause I don’t brush the ball.

Other than this I think it was a wonderful match. If I did this tennis every time I go on the tennis court I would be unstoppable.

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