[2022.3.15] Academy at Lucent Tennis Club


I was really happy to see my friends again today, but today is the soft tennis coach, and I am a bit sad, but that didn’t make me stop from what I am doing I was hitting the ball like always but when I was hitting the ball comfortably I saw this 15 years old coming into court I never seen him before but it looked like he was in this club a long time ago, before I was here.

What I thought

  • I thought that I can use topspin lob to their backhand because the 15 years old was using it and I thought it was really cool and it was working so much.
  • For smash, I still tend to face the front so I have to keep watching out.
  • When I serve when I hit the ball up the ball goes in, but when I hit the ball up but in low swing head speed I double fault, so I need to hit up but hit hard at the same time.
  • When I am returning something big like serve or chance ball smash I need to take a big jump and kick the ground with the opposite side you want to go.

Good things

  • I was able to change the game rhythm when I am losing, and I was hitting the ball just like I normally do.
  • I ran for every ball and I didn’t care even if I won’t make it, I gave it a try.
  • I aimed where am I going to hit and it worked very well.

Things I have to change

  • I missed my backhand shot down the line and missed it so many times and I decided to hit down the line backhand only when a chance ball comes.
  • I am going to hit every serve that I am returning with topspin for tomorrow’s session even if it is a super-fast serve, no tap return.
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