[2022.3.14] Fitness with other people


What I learned

  1. My legs finger is very loose so I need to make them hard and I can maybe wear sandals but beach sandal I need to make my finger stronger.
  2. My inside hip is very hard, and I need to make them lose because if I do that I will be able to face my feet outside not inside.
  3. If my feet keep inside my hip is being pressured and it will lead to injury.
  4. I need to face forward and make my feet go to the front then I will be able to run faster, and quicker.
  5. I need to make my hip go forward and up the middle then it will go fast.
  6. I am going to try to take less time on the ground as soon as my leg reaches the ground I am going to jump and repeat the same thing over and over.
  7. I need to tack back with my shoulder but I shouldn’t let my racket drop to the ground keep it short.
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