[2022.3.16] Academy at Lucent Tennis Club


Today is the last session I am going to be with the soft tennis coach.
There were 5 people in the session, Me, Yuki, Take, Shin, and Shin’s big sister. I was having a good serve warm-up because today I decided to do less talking. I did my grip eastern and it was very good.

What I thought

  • I did my grip eastern and I had a little bit of though time trying to hit the chance ball to the corner when I am just trying to rally for a warm-up I can make my take back small and bring the ball over the net easily.
  • When I am serving make sure my tose is in the front and in the perfect spot, because I rush to hit the ball, but when I double-check where I am going to tose I hit a very good serve.
  • Now I am starting to think that maybe I can use more Changing spheres that way I am taking more advantage when I am serving.

Good things

  • I was able to hit the ball up and deep I used a bit more moon ball than last time to go for defense and attack.
  • For backhand, I took the ball at the front more than usual so I was able to do my follow-through perfectly.

Things I have to change

  • I need to practice crushing a weak short ball.
  • I have this habit of doing a drop shot when I am getting tired so I should go for more attacks.
  • I had a good serve but double-check your tose.
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