[2022.2.18] Try out for the Lucent Tennis Club


Lucent Tennis Club was the indoor court, and there were 3 of us, the other 2 were both young, year 3 and year 4. The coach was very nice and strict at the same time I like his style of teaching and the information comes into my brain very quickly. I played two 6 games matches first won 6-1 to a year 3 person then I lost to 0-6 to the coach.

What I learned

At the beginning of a match, every person can hit a good shot, but when it comes to an important point, not a breakpoint, like a match point or 8-8 super match tiebreaker, people become very safe and they try to put the ball deep. And that is that person’s limit.
You want to try and make a pattern to win, and that doesn’t have to be 10 or 20, it can be around 3, and my pattern is to get the ball to the side where they are able to get it but can’t attack and then I am going to use a high lob to a person’s backhand then once there is a chance ball I am going to hit it to an open court.

Good things

  • I was able to swing my racket faster than the last time I played in NZ because here in Japan I and dad practiced hitting the ball from my shoulder to get effortless power.
  • I had a good 2nd serve so I didn’t do any double faults.

Things I am going to do next time.

  • I missed my backhand shot down the line and missed it so many times and I decided to hit down the line backhand only when a chance ball comes.
  • I am going to hit every serve that I am returning with topspin for tomorrow’s session even if it is a super-fast serve, no tapped return.
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