[2022.4.8] Try out for Hontamon Minami tennis club


There were 7 people and 8 people including the coach and they were all around s11, but expect for one girl who is year 5 and she is very good and she is actually the younger sister of the girl I played in Tarumi green match (2nd round lost)

What am I going to do next time?


  • When I serve I should hit the ball more on the right because when I throw a ball I throw it on the right and that means that that is where I get my power the best, so I should do my serve the same way too.
  • here is a tip for when I serve. when I hit the ball my wrist is a little bend and that is how I should do my trophy position, and my first serve ready position.
  • When I serve I need to use every part of my body I can even my fingers if I can because the more you use your body parts the bigger shot you can hit.
  • When you serve I need to make space when I do trophy position, my racket is too close to my shoulder, and I can extricate my racket.
  • My double fault is mostly net so must jump higher, and focus up.


  • I should be able to slide very fast with my backhand and I slide by bending my legs but my legs should be straight, it will be easier and a lot faster.
  • when the opponent is hitting a shot in an open stance with a backhand they will mostly be hitting it cross-court, and that is why I should be hitting many of my balls in a closed stance then they won’t be able to judge me and move.
  • Don’t tap the ball especially when the ball is fast because if you tap the ball you will get overpowered.
  • I should get my hip lower than I think I always come up earlier and end up missing and lifting my chin up so just think up bring your body lower and move fast.

What learned in the match against the year 5 girl

  • I could have used more net play when she is stuck, I waited on the baseline.
  • I could have used more high balls to push her back or make her jump high.
  • I should’ve stood back a bit more because she does hit a very powerful shot and a flat big forehand.
  • I did many double faults and when I am winning, it is just a choice but if I am feeling pretty good I can maybe do both 1st serves, and if I do a double fault that is fine because I thought of the choice, I didn’t just hit my serve.
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