[2022.2.7] Why do you need to keep your core strong in tennis


How you make your core strong

You want to do something that will give pressure to your core, and if it doesn’t hurt you want to give more pressure.

Good workout when you want to make your core strong

  • Plank 30sec – 4min, after 4 min there is no need to do.
  • Push up. Not only arm but it will also make your core strong
  • Sit up. Sit-up is good for the bottom core it helps it to get into shape so you will get a six-pack.
  • Mountain climber

Things you have to be aware when you are training

  1. You want to breathe out when you are struggling and you want to have a strong and long breath
  2. You don’t want to do stuff too long or else things start changing, so you want to keep things short and do the best.
  3. You don’t want to do the same movement all the time, mix stuff like facing different sides when you’re doing the plank.
  4. Check your movement and make sure you do it correctly then you will get more engaged
  5. Stay focused and do the workout till the end even if it hurts.
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