[2022.5.2] Noah Tennis Academy


We did point training from the start so we didn’t do short tennis or anything we went straight to point training. After that we played ping pong and other games, we mostly did 1 vs 2 games. It wasn’t Okamoto coach it was Okamura coach he was a kind gentleman and he is around 19 years old.

Tips and shock I learned

  • I should use more forehand cross-court, more than down the line, there are many reasons but the top reason is that the net is low and you don’t have to think about topspin on height and lastly you can stay at that position the reason is read number 2.
  • In tennis, the rate you will be standing is 20% and because of that, the reason is that you shake the opponent and you have to be standing diagonal to your opponent.
  • I need one step to hit a perfect forehand. I tend to wait in an open stance when there is a chance ball and I end up hitting right in the net use my left foot to go one more step forward.
  • I need to get space on my forehand, I get too close and end up missing.
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