[2022.5.6] Noah Tennis Academy


It was a fun day like usual, and today we did point practice and I was able to do a 1 and 1 coaching with Okamoto coach, and it was like a private coach, I wanted him to teach me how to volley stronger and faster. And after he taught me I played 7-point tiebreaker against Konosuke and I won 7-1.

Tips and shock I learned

  • I used many forehand cross-court angles and I got so many return aces.
  • I will use my hip next time if I go on the court today I think I used too much arm work, It was easy more me to put topspin, but not power.
  • I will work on my serve, it was not that good it was very slow and not consistent I will do full swing even on my 2nd serve.
  • For volley, the best grip is continental grip because if I go thicker I will do I lot of net and it will be harder for me to hit back volley, and for a volley, there shouldn’t be slice, because we humans put a spin on the ball to make the ball go slower and consistent but in volley, we don’t need to make the ball slow and consistent we need to make the ball faster, and if I make my grip thinner then I will put spin.
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