[2022.2.8] Skipping ropes


Why do you do skipping ropes?

  • It is good for a warm-up and you are able to warm up your calf muscle and your arms.
  • It is good to jump and it is very tiring when you do a lot.
  • It also burns calories and it gives you stronger bones, it gives stronger heart health and heartbeat.
  • It reduces your weight and it is a good workout.

How to do skipping ropes easily.

  • You want to look at one place and focus on that spot the whole time.
  • You want to have a strong and long breaths.
  • You don’t want to jump high, you want to jump a decent height and you want to jump long.
  • You want to move your hand up and down you don’t want to try and shake the rope around on purpose.
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