[2022.5.21] Having a hit with Sora Aoyama in Japan

Hitting practice

I knew him when I was in New Zealand and he was very good. He is 16 years old and he hits a very good topspin ball. He went to Japan a month before us and I am so glad I was able to see him again we did short tennis, rally and a couple of serves and match, but the warm-up was very long, we did 10 point tiebreaker four times and I lost all of them but the score kept coming closer and closer. He is a very good person and he told me new things.

Things he told me and things I will do next time I play tennis

  1. I hit very good shots and flat ball, but I kind of need to play a game of tennis in the match in practice I can hit hard and try to do other things but on the court, it is not just hitting hard or putting the ball into the court there is a strategy and moving the opponent, etc so think more when playing in the match.
  2. The reason why I am good at backhand side serve is that I always put my right foot too right so on the deuce side put my right leg more right.
  3. Stand a few steps back from the baseline and come in when the opponent is about to hit, that way I will be able to move faster.
  4. Don’t lean forward when I am hitting backhand keep it straight.
  5. I understand how I want to go for a volley but the timing I go for the volley is just absolutely ridiculous.
  6. His serve was very powerful and it is kick-serve so it was hard for me to adjust at first but when time goes on I was able to look at the ball and hit it back.
  7. It was hard for me to hit his slice after he hits a very heavy spin forehand so next time I will try it.
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