[2022.5.12] Noah Tennis Academy


How was today? What was it like?

It was with Yashima coach and at first, we did short tennis then long rally, and then me, and 2 other kids did around forehand, and a long time we did one punch training with Yashima coach and it was so tiring.

And in the last 20min, I did a time limit match against Konosuke.

What piece of advice did your coach give you?

When the ball is low I need to use topspin so that I can bring the ball up and when the ball is higher than the net then I can hit it hard and flat. I need to make my backhand line longer. I need to use my left hand and brush the ball more. Go faster, then I won’t have to be hitting my backhand open stance. It is good trying new things but it is important to be able to win first before I test something.

To improve from now on what are you going to think when you are playing tennis.

I need to hit the ball more nicely and have feeling in every ball. I think too much about swinging my racket and I forgot about what is the main thing I am doing and why I am here today, so think every time about improvement in every session and shot. I am good at a backhand drop shots straight, so next time think about a backhand cross drop shot.

Score for today

The concentration ratio of serve practice:5/5
Power to shake the racket:1/5
Probability of the ball courting in:1/5

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