[2022.4.10] Playing 11 match doubles

Hitting practice

It was very fun, and I played with many different people, I had a bit of a problem with my forehand, but in the end, it was very fun and I learned many things. 

What I learned

In the doubles

  • I had a bit of a problem, and I found out that if I am pairing up with a good volleyer I should play safely at the baseline until my partner can make a move, and if I am pairing up with a good stroke person I can go to the net and my partner can go at the net, if I am playing with a good server, I can wait at the baseline with my partner and we can go to the net together.
  • I should always go forehand side because I am good at hitting down the line, so I can lob my opponents’ volleyer and hit the perfect shot.

In normal stroke and skill

  • In my service, I should bend down more like Iga Swiatek because then I will be able to get my serve higher and I will be able to hit my spin serve better.
  • I shouldn’t face forward when I hit spin serve I need to keep facing sideways that way you won’t do half slice and half spin.
  • My tose should be a little shorter.
  • When I hit my forehand my takeback should be like Nadal, that way I can twist my body, and when set up at my hip, I will be able to accelerate.
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