[2022.4.7] Training with dad 2 hours at astro court

Hitting practice

We booked a court for 2 hours and we went there at 8:40 am and we did warm up like skipping rope and tube till 9 am.
We did serve, stroke, return serve, and one-handed backhand.

What I learned

  • When I do my serve warm-up, start from throwing the ball up high from your shoulder to the opposite court you will be able to hit your serve more naturally.
  • I need to focus on my shoulder going up high when I serve don’t think about hitting my serve hard at all.
  • I tose always go to the right and I want to keep my tose in the correct place which is above my head.
  • When I hit my forehand crosscourt too back, so I need to hit my contact point a little more forward.
  • I should focus on going forwards and forwards because I get back when I get scared, and I end up giving an opponent a chance ball.
  • When I get pushed by the opponent I shouldn’t tap the ball, in practice try to do over when I get pushed and make the habit of hitting the ball deep.
  • When I am getting shaken side to side my leg joined doesn’t load when I hit at the court in fitness time it does focus on that.
  • Do more backhand crosscourt, I have a bad habit of only hitting down the line when I hit my forehand.
  • For one-handed backhand, I am good at hitting my stomach high but not so good at low ones so bend my leg and drive it up.
  • Go forward too for a one-handed backhand.
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