[2022.7.29] Practice with dad

Hitting practice

I played 7 hours in total today but I will be writing the practice me and dad did it in the afternoon (3h 30m)
We did mostly serve and game. My serve didn’t go in at all so I and dad did 3 times whole buckets of serves. And after that, we did point practice for the other time. And in the end, we did 4 games matches, and we were so tired when we did it and afterward.

What I figured out today

For my service, I need to go backward and forward. and let my racket go down from my hand when I am going and hit the ball when I am going forward and in that case, I won’t have to use my hand to hit my serve.
I don’t really have to hit the ball’s slice because if I hit a slice higher than my hip the ball will go up and it won’t be powerful enough.
When I am running forward to finish the point either if it’s the opponent’s miss drop shot or missed volley, I prefer a forehand slice.
Do my toss on my right side and do slice serve for 70% of the time on the deuce side.
When I am getting moved to the side with the fastball and when I am hitting

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