「2022.4.19] How I should treat my racket

I really regret that I let somebody borrow my racket, because now I only have 1 racket, and I don’t regret it because I have one racket, I regret it because I treated my racket as if it was nothing like a book.

What I learned

I should treat my racket with more respect because tennis is not only my battle but also my racket’s battle too, in a singles tennis game there are also 4 people playing, myself, the opponent, my racket, and his racket.

It is my decision if I want to make my racket more proud, by cleaning or talking to it, but for what I can say, I would like to make my racket like my partner because I can’t play if I don’t have the racket, and if I feel that way then I need to treat my racket that way.

I need to play with my racket, and I shouldn’t care about other rackets because my racket is my racket and their racket is their racket, and my racket is something that makes me feel welcome in tennis.

Inconclition I need to tell myself that I should focus more on myself.

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